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The ABC's of a Healthy Music Program

Posted by Jon Locke on Feb 6, 2019 11:26:44 AM
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A - Always Plan

Plan + Evaluate + Modify
o Annual Calendar
o Preliminary calendar completed prior to the spring meeting
o Distributed in May before students release for spring break

Develop and update a four-year capital needs plan
o Maintain a roster with future attrition/recruitment estimate

Create and publicize a four to six-year travel

o Include strategies for financial planning and recruiting


B - Be PreparedBuild and maintain student leaders

o Careful selection process

o Initial training

o Provide ongoing guidance and feedback

Build and manage parent support and leadership through a booster club

o The head director IS always in charge

o Delegate tasks to parents that will support staff and program goals

Maintain a comprehensive handbook (adopted by school board)

o Include annual calendar, rehearsal guidelines, forms

o Make updates on next year's calendar all year long - easy transition!

Utilize and follow established protocol

o District grade book, facility usage, transportation requests, etc.


C - Communicate

Develop a redundant communication system

o Include students, parents, campus teachers, administrators, school board, other campus organizations, and the community.

o Distribute a handbook

o Post an annual calendar in the rehearsal hall

o Periodically distribute (email and handout) a shorter duration calendar as a written reminder

o Confirm your dates are included on the district and campus calendar/newsletter, and organization website

Utilize a website on a regular basis

o Update detailed calendars for rehearsals and performances

o Establish a phone call/text tree for unavoidable last-minute communication

o Develop an organizational social media account



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